Pool Algaecide 50 – 4 qts (4 X 1 qt)

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POWERFUL & HIGHLY EFFECTIVE POOL ALGAECIDE KILLS & PREVENTS ALL FORMS OF ALGAE GROWTH! Specialty Pool Productss Algaecide 50 will provide you with the algae-killing and algae-preventing power that youve been looking for. While its extremely effective, this swimming pool algaecide is safe enough to swim 15 minutes after treatment and wont discolor swimmers hair. Potent, non-metallic algaecide is economically priced and designed to destroy all types of algae. Fast acting and effective formula. Kills existing algae and prevents algae growth. Effective against black, green, mustard and all other types of algae. Great for use in swimming pools of all types. A great pool algaecide for routine, weekly pool maintenance. Will not cause hair discoloration. Low-foam formula. Easy to use. Do not mix with other chemicals. Available in different quantities. Available for great value. Concentrated formula is non-staining and leaves absolutely no residue. Initial Dosage: 5.13 oz. per 10,000 gallons. Weekly Dosage: 1.33 oz. per 10,000 gallons


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