Polaris 3900 Sport Replacement Filter Bag

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The 3900 Sport sets the ultimate standard for all pressure side cleaners. It addresses all of the issues that pool owners have requested. It is stronger, faster, more maneuverable, and built to stay that way! Automatic cleaner, back-up valve, and 31 feet of hose are supplied.Features: All-wheel drive Posi-Drive System with stainless steel drive chain delivers more torque than any other cleaner in its class, resulting in superior performance, more time cleaning, and fewer hang ups. Boasts best-in-class speed and maneuverability, the most vacuum power of any cleaner on the market, quickly ingests debris, and cleans in less time. Features a 2.5 inch vacuum inlet (largest in the category) driven by the most powerful 3-jet suction venturi design, which creates an additional 40gpm of filtration while it captures the largest debris and prevents clogging. Wide Trax Tires increase valuable surface contact, providing optimal traction, climbing and maneuverability, so it covers more ground and climbs better than any other pressure side cleaner. The large capacity SuperBag virtually eliminates the need to clean the pump basket and the non-binding zipper makes cleaning a cinch. The NEW Tail Sweep Pro provides enhanced sweeping efficiency and eliminates spraying outside the pool. 1 year warranty on parts. This model requires a 3/4 HP booster pumpThe optional Polaris 3/4 HP booster pump is also available, listed below.


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