Hayward Pro Series 27 Inch Pool Sand Filter with 1.5 Inch Valve

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THE LEADING BRAND BRINGS YOU THE LATEST IN POOL FILTER TECHNOLOGY!Hayward Pro Series sand filters for in-ground swimming pools will provide you with hassle-free, effective filtration. For In-Ground Swimming Pools High-rate, completely balanced pool filter systems combine rugged construction, energy-efficient operation, and superior flow rates for years of trouble-free filtration with minimal care. The weather-proof tank is constructed of a tough, color-fast polymeric material and topped with a patented 6-position multi-port valve, featuring easy-to-use lever action. Even water distribution over every square inch of sand is ensured by an integral top diffuser, self-cleaning under drain and 360 degree slotted laterals. Thorough backwashing for crystal-clear water. This sand filters advanced full-flow technology reduces energy costs by achieving excellent filtration, so you can run your filter less. All systems are powered by the Hayward Super Pump and come complete with filter tank, multi-port valve, sight glass, pressure gauge, sturdy mounting base, and all pump-to-filter fittings. Must be hard wired. 1 Year Warranty


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