Autopilot SC-60 Replacement Cell with Unions SC-60

$712.52 $548.09


Pool Pilot Digital Salt Chlorine GeneratorsThe Auto Pilot Salt Chlorine Generator creates perfect pool water at the touch of a button! This technologically advanced system can eliminate the need for chlorine yet still sanitizes your pool every day! You will enjoy silky smooth water, without any irritation or chlorine odor. The Auto Pilot is easy to operate and uses less electricity than a 200 watt light!Each system features microprocessor controls, digital read-out of pool water temperature and current salt level, purifier production level, soft reverse cell cleaning cycle and boost cycle. This incredibly smart system has a patented temperature compensation feature that actually adjusts chlorine production according to the demands of the water temperature. Auto Pilot operates in water temperatures up to 104?F and has a built-in time clock to control your pool pump by simply pushing a button!Choose from 3 different models based on your pool size. Each Auto Pilot Generator comes complete with a digital power supply, a cell with manifold, and base.Click Here for Product ManualWarranty: 2 Year Full Warranty


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