AquaPearl De Substitute for Pool DE Filters – 96 lb Box (8 x 12 lb Boxes)

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DIATOMACEOUS EARTH ALTERNATIVE Aqua Perl is a direct diatomaceous earth replacement. Aqua Perl is safe for use in all DE filters. Improves filter function by pre-coating quickly and effectively. Aqua Perl is volcanic in origin, all-natural and 100% crystalline silica free. The lower density of Aqua Perl allows for uniform pre-coating and quick, thorough backwashing. Aqua Perl is easy to handle, improves filter efficiency and provides superior filtration. An NSF certified perlite filter media. Can be used to replace DE powder and cellulose in DE pool filters. This diatomaceous earth alternative is half the weight of DE powder. A 12 lb. bag of Aqua Perl is equivalent to a 25 lb. bag of diatomaceous earth. 1/2 lb. of Aqua Perl (1 scoop) = 1 lb. of D.E. (1 scoop). Available in several different quantities. Economically priced for excellent value!


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