Aquabot Robotic In Ground Pool Cleaner

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HASSLE-FREE COMPUTER-CONTROLLED POOL CLEANING! Aquabots built in filtration system takes all the work out of cleaning your pool. No more dragging out and connecting vac hoses — just plug in, drop in, and let it go to work! No need for supervision – the Aquabot pool vacuum is pre-programmed for efficient, thorough cleaning of any size, shape, or type pool without getting hung up on ladders or steps. High-powered suction removes the finest particles of algae, bacteria, dirt debris, sand and hair from the pools floors, steps, walls, and even the waterline! As it cleans, the Aquabot automatic pool cleaner equalizes the water temperature and chemical distribution, reducing heat and chemical costs. Continuous Run Timer Front and rear rotating scrubbing brushes help loosen and remove dirt and fine particles 50 ft. Cable Fine Filter Bag (filters down to 2 microns) Power consumption: 230 Watts Input electrical requirements: 120 VAC/60Hz Pool to wall transition: 90 degree angle Water mixing capability: 70 GPM Compatible with external timer 1 Year Warranty.


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