20ft x 40ft Rectangular Inground Pool Winter Cover – Specialty Micro Mesh – 3 Yr Warranty

$188.49 $144.99


20×40 ft In-Ground Fine Mesh Winter Pool Cover Makes Spring Clean-Up EasierFine mesh winter pool cover allows rain and melted snow to drain into your pool while blocking leaves and debris from getting into the waterMesh cover means there?s no more mess of soggy leaves and standing muddy water to deal withYou no longer need to use a pool cover pump to remove standing water on your winter coverPrevents accidental spills of dirty, muck-filled water into your poolTo open your pool in spring, simply remove the mesh cover, shake off debris and vacuum your pool?s floorIdeal for pools in regions that normally get a lot of rain and snowMesh cover also prevents algae blooms by blocking sunlight from reaching pool waterRugged water bag (sold separately) loops are placed every 4 ft. to better secure your winter cover to your poolPlease order by your pool?s size, not cover size; fine mesh winter cover accommodates 18 in. water drop


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