18ft x 36ft Rectangular Inground Pool Winter Cover – Glacier Plus – 12 Yr Warranty

$155.99 $119.99


MID-GRADE IN GROUND POOL COVER IS BOTH DURABLE AND AFFORDABLE Pro-Strength 12-Year in-ground pool covers are a big upgrade to our 8-Year pool covers. Excellent value for superior durability and strength. Quality Pro-Strength in ground pool covers are Dark Green on top with a black reverseside. UV protected, heavy weight polypropylene is tough! Our triple laminated inner scrim stands up to high winds, blowing debris and weather. Pro-Strength in ground pool covers will also resist mildew, chlorine and other pool chemicals and are tested to withstand temperatures up to -50F! Wide Water Bag Loops are placed every 4 ft. so that water bags are held secure all winter long. Heat sealed seams prevent water seepage into your pool and are much stronger than stitched seams. Double stitched edges with full tacking on corners, withstand strong pulling without unraveling. 12 year warranty (3 years full) from a company that has been selling pool covers for more than 20 years! This is a strong pool cover with a strong warranty. Consistently our top rated in ground pool cover, read the pool cover reviews from real pool owners, like you! Save money when you combine our quality in ground pool cover with our double water bags. If ordering a cover with a step section:Standing at the shallow end of your pool and looking toward the deep end – if your step extends to the left of your pool you have a LEFT STEP. If your step extends to the right of your pool, you have a RIGHT STEP.


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